Mrs. Ojo's Story

God Still Heal if you can believe

Good morning, just want to use this medium to say a big THANK YOU to the King of Kings, and to the church of GOD, I asked church to pray for me because I believe in prayer and church did as I wanted by visiting me and pray with me this pass Sunday because I cannot lift my leg not to talk of walking around, (Am Mrs Ojo, I move to Governors road last Monday in May and I join Christ the Light Church in first Sunday of June and I had an accident on the 27th of June which affected my leg and trying to reach the church ever since but I could not, I need prayer so I could be able to walk to Holy Ghost Convention) When they pray with me I felt something new in me, to the glory of GOD I receive my miracle on Tuesday morning, the leg I couldn’t move or lift up for a month its now moving, I can now walk with it. Praise the LORD for me and also tell the church that I can lift and move my leg after Sunday visitation in my house and am coming to share my testimonies when am much better.