It looked like yesterday. A small team of vibrant young people, under the leadership of the then Brother and Sister Niyi Ola were deployed from RCCG Peace House to come and start a new parish, christened Christ-the-Light during the December 2007 Let’-s Go-A-Fishing programme by then then Peace Zonal Pastor, Olufemi Adebiyi. “I don’t have what it takes; more so I cannot quote Bible like many pastors do;” quipped Bro. Ola, now a Pastor in Charge of Zone under Lagos Province 14. He was expecting some sympathy and therefore substitution, but he got a shocking reply: “Nobody qualifies for God’s work: He qualifies those who surrender to Him.” Thereafter with boldness and confidence in God, Pastor Niyi Ola left his position as Peace House Men Fellowship Leader and he took on the CTL pioneering role. He thereafter led the parish for almost seven years and God assisted him and his team to grow from a little parish of about twenty people to an Area Headquarters of more than 500 people. Not only that, the rented and very small ‘Aladura’ structure was later acquired and extended to what we have today. It can only be God and a young man who put his life in His hand.

For all of us who are in CTL today, including the remaining members of the pioneering team, it’s hearty congratulations that we are alive to witness this tenth anniversary. And there are some obvious lessons the story of CTL has taught us because not all the parishes planted the same time with, or before CTL, are where the parish (CTL) is today. The first lesson is the vision of the pioneer pastor and his commitment to its realization. If you cannot envision the type of future you desire, it is doubtful if you can ever get there. It is true for a church as it is true for a family, a business, a competition or even a career. If you have a vision without the commitment for its realization, you are just a dreamer. On the other hand, if you have serious commitment or zeal or energy that is not channeled to a clear goal, you are no better than a labourer suffering from drudgery. So, my first question is: what is the vision you have defined for yourself and what are you doing about it? Second, there is always a sacrifice to make for every success. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is true for education as it is true for a business. I have noticed an increasing tendency among people who want ‘to make it’ with little or no efforts. Success without any known sacrifice does not last. Ask people who are successful today (in a legitimate way), and you will learn about their sacrifice: sacrificing today’s comfort to tomorrow’s bliss. Third, there is also the matter of determination to succeed, regardless of distractions, and this usually depends on the quality of leadership. Everything rises and falls on the leadership. Let me ask you: how are you discharging your leadership role – as a parent, an employer, a business owner, etc.? In the race of life, there will always be distractions, but when you are determined to succeed, even the devil will give you space. Finally, there is the God factor. Except the Lord builds the house or watches over the city, the labourers and the securities are working in vain. Paul may plant, and Apollo may water, but it is God that gives the increase. The story of CTL is the story of God in action. Since we came into the parish about three years ago, it has been God all the way. As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of CTL this month, please give God a chance in your life. There is no situation He cannot deal with; there is no burden He cannot lift. Those who trust in the Lord are never put to shame. Let this be your resolve this month: a closer and more intimate walk with God. Happy Anniversary and a glorious December in Jesus name. Olufemi Adebiyi, PhD Pastor-in-Charge .

— S. Olufemi Adebiyi Pastor-in-Charge


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